Municipal Court

Our Goal

The goal of the South Hutchinson Municipal Court is to treat everyone equally and to give them the information that they need to navigate the Municipal Court's process with confidence.

The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of city government.  The South Hutchinson Municipal Court oversees cases involving violations of city ordinances, which include traffic and misdemeanor criminal cases, and code violations.  We have adopted the Standard Traffic Ordinance and the Uniform Public Offense Code published by the League of Kansas Municipalities.


The South Hutchinson municipal judge oversees all court proceedings and conducts all trials as there are no jury trials in Municipal Court.  Municipal Court cases may be appealed to the Reno County District Court where you may request a jury trial or bench trial.


The city prosecutor handles prosecution of all cases, possible plea agreements, and oversees the Diversion Program through the Municipal Court.  If you would like more information on diversion, please view the following links: