Wastewater Utility

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Maintain waste water system, including collection, lines, lift stations, and a nutrient removal mechanical treatment plant
  • Provide safe, reliable waste water service that meets or exceeds all regulatory standards
  • Provide high quality customer service for all residents and users
Treatment Facility
South Hutchinson updated its wastewater treatment facilities in 2004. The treatment facility is a mechanical nutrient removal plant that treats between 700,000 to 800,000 gallons of waste product per day. 

Wastewater is collected through individual connections and sent to the sewer plant via gravity flow lines or through sewer lift stations. Raw waste is screened at the plant to remove large debris before entering the treatment process. 

Through the treatment process, debris and waste particulars are filtered out in stages, producing a nutrient rich sludge that is spread on city-owned farmland. Water that is separated from the sludge is treated further. 

Effluent water that has been through the treatment process is then discharged into the Arkansas River Basin. Effluent from the South Hutchinson treatment facility meets or exceeds all environmental standards and is generally more clean than water in the basin.